Lead Generation

Foondi Media’s Prepaid Airtime Voucher advertising platform assists Marketers in connecting with potential customers by generating leads on Risk or No Risk basis which is an essential part of growing a business. These leads are sent into a CRM system via an API Integration, in real-time which allows for ...


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Proven Results

Products which used to receive up to a 1% hit rate on e.g. bulk sms advertising are now enjoying up to a 4% hit rate from prepaid airtime vouchers On average, bulk sms costs 25c per sms and have a 1% hit rate, Airtime vouchers, used correctly have a 4% hit rate at 12c = half the cost and 400% the sms hit rate

Our Partners

Ice Mobile, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Rich Rewards Group, is a Distributer of Prepaid Airtime products and in parallel offers a diverse and highly successful range of Mobile Media platforms including: SMS, MMS, AVM- Automated Voice Messaging, Vodacom Please Call Me Messages & Email. With access to Partner Opt-in Databases that are ...